What to Expect in Your Call Center Job Interview?


Interview for call center positionJob in a contact center is very specific. To be honest, not many people can handle to do it for a long time, especially if it is their full time job. There is famous joke in recruitment industry saying that if someone works for a call center longer than a week, it is a reason of celebration for HR department. However, from my personal experience, some people like this job and enjoy doing it, even for a long time. One needs to identify himself with it, what is not easy in the beginning. But once you find a balance and understanding for various customers on the phone, it will be fine.

What will the interviewers inquire about?

The job interview is specific like a job itself. Interviewers ask you less questions than in other interviews. On the other hand, some questions are quite personal and you also need to deal with couple of role play exercises on the go. An interviewer represents a client and simulates different situations while talking on the phone with you. You represent the operator (or other telemarketing position you apply for) and try to sell him something, or to describe him something . Doing so, interviewers can assess your readiness to do the job. We will take a look at the role plays later. Now it is time to find the answers to most typical questions they use in contact centre interview.

Interview Questions for staff in call centers and telemarketing firms


Good impression is priceless

If a candidate comes to an interview bored, does not listen to the interviewer and shows no signs of motivation, it does not matter how well or how badly he answers their questions. He will not get a job offer… Oppositely, if you come to an interview smiling, keep an eye contact with the interviewer, show some motivation and enthusiasm about the job and are ready to learn to make good calls, they may offer you a job, even if your answers to interview questions are far from perfect. Please, keep it on your mind. The impression you make is very important, especially when we speak about simple repetitive jobs.

Role play exercise

Girl is working for a telemarketing company“Here is the magazine. You have five minutes to have a look at it. After that, I will play a potential client and you should try to sell it to me on the phone.” “Here is lengthy survey about education. You should call me and convince me to fill it with you over the phone.  Let’s start.”

These were just two examples of potential role play variations that await on you in an interview, in every good call center. Many people are scared of doing it and I understand their reasons. However, in order to get a job, you should realize few things:

  1. Nobody expects you to deliver a perfect product presentation or an excellent sales pitch. You will be trained to do these things later. All they want to hear is that you are not afraid to do it and can talk openly and positively about the product.
  2. You should always accept to do the role play. If you refuse to do it (many people do so, telling that they are unprepared), they will not offer you a job. Even a bad role play is better than refusal in this case. After all, you can always say that you would do it better, if you got some training…

Do not be afraid to do the role play in your interview. Go for it! Ask a lot of questions, be nice and humble on the phone. Listen and talk with smile. And if you do not succeed, thank the “client” and move on. That’s the best way how to convince them in an interview that you are the right one for a job in a contact center.