How can we ensure that you would not leave our company after one week?


Job hopping is one of the biggest problems for telemarketers. Big centers hire hundreds of employees every year, simply because people leave the job sooner or later. In some way they accept it, but they try to hire applicants who have some reasons to stay for longer time than for few weeks.

The truth is that many people (maybe you too) expect this job to be better, or less demanding, as it really is. As much as it may look convenient to sit in a chair and call to people from a ready-to-call database, it is not convenient at all. Once you spend a span of eight hours on a phone, you will understand what I mean…

People in work in a call centerYou need to convince the recruiter that you know what it takes to do this job, that you do not consider it easy and are ready for the challenge. On the top of that you can be honest and say you really need some income, so you will do your best to stay, even if the job is difficult and makes you tired.

After all, you can leave your job in one week time. You would be neither the first, nor the last operator that does it. There is no need to stick to the promises you made in an interview, labor law is on your side! But anyway, you should do your best to make the employer believe that you are ready to stay and know what it takes to have this job.


Example answers

I know this job is very demanding and it is not easy to be eight hours on a call. However, if I was not ready to do it, I would waste neither yours, nor my time in an interview. If you hire me, I will do my best to have this job as long as possible.

Speaking honestly, I need a job to support my studies. My studies are very important for me and I really can not afford to continue without an income. This is one of the few jobs I can do while being at school. So, I really do not plan to leave it soon, if you hire me.

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