How do you feel about making a cold call?


There are different types of call centers. In some institutions, you only receive calls from people who decide to make a call themselves, with a goal to get support or information. This job is a better one.

However, in the real call center, in the real business model, you will be calling to people. And most of the calls are going to be as cold as you can only imagine. People won’t expect to hear your voice, they won’t know anything about you… Are you ready to make such a call???

Busy day in a call centerTo be honest, cold calling is difficult for everyone. Nobody likes to contact unknown man, especially if he is not 100% convinced about a benefit the offer can bring to him. And this is exactly the point you can build your answer on in your interview. Tell them that you always try to analyze the purpose of a call and convince yourself about the benefits for the client. Once you are sure he can benefit from your offer, you feel okay to make a cold call.

Alternatively, you can bet on brutal honesty. Say them you hate making cold calls, but understand it is a part of a job and are ready for it. After all, one can find terrible tasks we do not like to do in every single job. Such tasks simply belong to life…


Sample answers

Before I start promoting any offer, I like to test it on my own, or at least learn as much as possible about it. In most of the cases, it’s win-win business, so the customer can benefit from it. Once I convince myself about the added value of my call, it is easier for me to make cold calls. Actually, I have experience with it from the past, so I am sure I can handle it.

To be honest, I hate cold calling. It’s the toughest aspect of this job. However, it’s my duty. It’s my task, so I will do it. If I was not ready to make phone calls, I would never apply for this job.

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