How would you deal with a client who decided to not talk to you?


Candiate wants to get a jobMany tough situations await on you in job. Some clients will shout, some will cry, someone may even commit a suicide while talking to you on the phone… But on the serious note, the most common problem is the client who is not interested, who does not want to talk to you at all.

As an experienced salesman, I will give you a simple advice: Hang up. If someone is not interested to talk to you, it is very difficult to sell him something. It is actually a waste of time. Instead of trying to offer something to a person who is neither in a mood to talk, nor ready to buy, you should spend your time talking to clients that actually may purchase something.

But 95% of call center managers do not share my philosophy. They want to hire operators who do not consider any deal as lost, before all the bullets have been fired. Said in other words, you should have some strategy on how to deal with clients that are not interested. For example, stressing a special benefit for them, or making a joke on the phone, are some of the strategies. Alternatively, you can bet on my strategy and convince the interviewer that for sake of the profit of the company, you won’t waste time with such a client and simply move on. Let’s have a look at sample answers for both scenarios.


Sample answers

She did well in an interview so she is happyIt would not discourage me. I know people receive many phone calls nowadays, and sometimes are just tired of answering it. However, I would try my best to be as positive, enthusiastic and natural on the phone as possible. I would try to assess the mental condition of a client and do my best to start conversation with him, based on my assessment of a situation. I am sure I will be able to make them talk and cooperate, at least in some cases. But for sure, if someone hung up, it would not discourage me. I would simply continue my job, as if nothing had happened.

To be honest, if someone does not want to talk, it makes no sense to push it too hard. Such a person is not in a buying mood and to try to start a conversation him would be just a waste of time. I have just eight hours a day to be on the call, so I should invest it wisely, talking to clients that are actually interested to listen to me and in a mood to complete the desired action. Therefor, I would apologize to such a person, wish him a nice day, hang up the phone and move to another call quickly.

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