This is our product (he shows you a product or reads a description of a service). Tell me why someone should purchase it.


If you are supposed to be good in offering something on the phone, you have to like it. It’s like recommending a restaurant to a friend. You can hardly convince him (even if you wanted) about going to restaurant you have had bad experience with. It’s just not natural, it just won’t work…

It is the same with a job in the contact centers. You should be the one who always sees the bright side of the coin. You should be able to find out why the client should purchase something (or do a desired action). You should understand the benefits the purchase will bring him. Because if you are unable to identify it on your own, you will struggle to make good calls. You must be able to identify yourself with the offer. And that is exactly why interviewers apply these forms of questions.

Focus on benefits, not on features

Line of operators in a call centerDo you really think that people buy Mercedes Benz because of its large space, high acceleration, extended seats and twelve airbags? No, they buy it because it offers high level of comfort, and can get them everywhere quickly and safely. They may also gain some status once they have this car… Simply, they do not buy this car for its features, but for the benefits it will bring to their life. And it is the same with each purchase we make in our life.

Therefor, anytime speaking about a reason why someone should buy a thing, focus on benefits this purchase may, and should, bring to his life. This is exactly what the interviewers want to hear from an ideal job applicant.

After you name it, a role play can follow. They imitate a client and you are trying to sell the product to them. Please, do not be afraid of the task. Ask lot of questions, be nice and enthusiastic and always think on the benefits for the clients. Such a behavior will impress every interviewer and guarantee you a good shot on a job at the end of the interview.

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