This job is very repetitive each day. What would motivate you to do it well for a long time?


Beautiful and motivated call center operatorSpeaking honestly, there is hardly a more repetitive job than the one in a call center. You read your standard sales pitch, client gives information, or not, and that’s it. Voila, time for another call, another sales pitch, another number, and so on… Eight hours a day, five days a week (if we speak about a full time job).

Interviewers are of course aware of this and understand it is extremely difficult to keep high level of motivation and do the job well. After all, if you have experience with both active and passive operators, you know what I am writing about…

Some companies try to motivate employees with benefits, for example by offering extra money if an addressee completes certain action after talking to you. However, it is not always possible, or measurable.

Therefor, they try to see if you can find some motivation on your own and do this job well. Again, it would be foolish to attempt to convince the interviewer you love to make phone calls and spend time on the phone. But you can at least say you prefer routine jobs to creative jobs, or bet your answer on the fact that you are motivated by the fear of losing a job. These are quite realistic reasons and they should believe it and give you positive point for it in an interview.


Sample answers

Like in every other employment, one needs to deliver. If I do not do my job well, the results of my phone calls won’t be satisfactory. I understand the phone calls are monitored, so… I need a job, I consider this opportunity as a good one for my current situation and therefor I will do my best to keep it. That is what motivates me, even if the job is repetitive.

To be honest, I prefer routine jobs. I do not like to come up with something new every day or to solve some difficult tasks on a daily basis. I like to know what I am supposed to do and take action according to it. After all, the job will be boring, doesn’t matter if I am positive when talking to a client or not. So why to make it even worse? I try to enjoy it as much as I can and do not mind it is repetitive.

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