What do you want to accomplish on this position?


She is interviewing an applicant for call center jobThere are two different approaches of job seekers. The first one, the approach 90% of people have and 80% claim to have while being interviewed, is the accomplishment of personal needs and desires.

These job seekers talk about accomplishment of their own goals, or about making money for living. Simply, they are oriented on themselves when answering any sort of question about accomplishments in an interview. However, this is not the best approach…

The second group of job seekers have a different point of view. They do not speak about personal satisfaction and goals, but about goals of a company and how they can help to achieve it. That is what they consider as accomplishment in job. This is called “think as an employer” attitude and it can win you many interviews in your life, not only the one for this position in a call center.

After all, it does not matter if you really want to help the employer, or if you care only about your own salary, in the depths of your heart :). The key is to convince the employer that your intentions are clear and that his business matters for you, at least a little bit. If it happens, you will be just a step away from signing a job contract.


Sample answers

Line of operators in a call centerI understand that to run a call center is a difficult business model. The competition is huge and everyone tries to get hands on the best campaigns. If I become one of the best operators and help the team to achieve good results, I will be very happy and feel accomplished in this job. I believe I can make it happen.

Well, I would love to improve my communication skills, but at the same time, I want to become a good operator. My experience with operators is mostly negative, because they are not enthusiastic and it seems they do not like their job at all. I want to be different and help to improve the overall reputation of the operators.

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