Which hours can you work? Would you mind working more than forty hours per week?


Candidate and the interviewer are talking about a job of call center operatorOne can sometimes find the answers directly in the questions. For example, if they ask you if you would mind working night shifts, it is clear that there is a need to work in the night. If there was no need to work night shift, they would not give you that question. 

However, to say just “Yes, I would not mind.” is not the best answer. If you did this, they could easily get the feeling that you picked such an answer only because you knew what they wanted to hear. You should elaborate on your answer, saying for example that you have an experience with working overtime, or that you have no duties in the evenings, so you can stay longer¬† in job.

Be honest – if you can not work, say it

One of the reasons why one applies for a job in a call center is flexibility. Many university students, single mothers and other people who lack free time, work in these institutions, as it typically offers flexible working hours.

So if you can not work all the time, say the truth. But try to stay positive in your answer. Say you would love to help them, but because of other duties (you should specify these duties), are unable to work at all times. You can also mention the flexibility of working hours as a reason for your job application.

After all, attitude is the most important thing in an interview. Once you show that you are ready to do everything to help the employer and even sacrifice something, they will love to employ you, even if you can not work night shifts or forty hours a week… Let’s have a look at some answers.


Example answers

Line of operators in a call centerI have worked night shifts in my last job at Walmart. I am used to do it and would not mind doing it again. Actually, I read the job description carefully, so I know about this option and am ready to work in night too, as a support for oversees markets. My body is pretty accustomed to working in the night, so it doesn’t bother me.

To be honest, I can not work in the night, neither more than thirty hours a week. I am a student and I really need to have some job. I am ready to commit all my free time to this position and do the best I can every day in work. But in order to keep the progress in my studies, I can work only in the afternoons and only five days a week. I hope we can make a deal and I can be useful for your call center despite these limitations.

What to say at the end?

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