Why do you want to work in a call center?


Nobody dreams of having a job in a call center. Job seekers apply for these jobs for one of the following reasons:

  • because they can not get any other job
  • because they have no working experience, or even study and so can not afford having a “normal” job
  • because they simply need money and will take any available offer

Young man holding a label need a jobHand on heart, nobody would choose to spend eight hours a day on a phone, if there was any better option to earn money. That is also the reason why people typically spend less than three months working in a call center and leave the job after that. It is very rare to see a full time worker who stays in one call center for more than a year.

Having said all of this, it would not make any sense to try to fool a recruiter, saying that you have always dreamed about a job in a call center and that you can not imagine a better role for yourself. Nobody would believe it and they would not hire you… On the other hand, you should not create an impression that it goes about the very last option for you and that you are in the interview just because you could not get another job. So, what to do?

Bet on realistic, neutral reasons

You should be honest, but positive in your answer. Even thought this job is far from ideal, it offers some benefits. One can significantly improve his selling and communication skills working in a call center, working hours are often flexible and different forms of part time contracts are available. On the top of that, good salesman can earn pretty good money in a call center. Let’s have a look at some answers.

I am still studying and can not accept a full time work contract. I was looking for a job with flexible working hours and no special experience needed. From all available options, I consider a job in a call center to be the best one in my situation.

I was looking for a position on which I can develop my communication and sales skills and ideally work in the office. On the top of that, seeing your reward structure, I understand that if I am good, I will earn quite well in this job. These are the main reasons for my job preferences.

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